Blackview R6 1.3 inch TFT Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch, Supports 8 Sports Modes & Heart Rate / Sleep Monitoring & GPS & Reminder Function Same Day Shipping on orders before 6PM (GMT+8), shipped from HK Warehouse


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1. 1.3-inch high-definition full-color display, sports style design, reinforced engineering plastic shell
2. The strap is made of silicone material, with anti-sweat and wear-resistant surface treatment, making it softer and more comfortable to wear
3. 280mAh capacity polymer high-capacity high-voltage battery, safe and reliable, longer battery life
4. 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate detection, focus on and understand your health
5. Supports 8 sports modes, which can accurately track your sports data to meet your different needs
6. Support GPS function
7. IP68 waterproof

Product specifications:
1. Appearance size: 44.3x56x12.8 mm; Net weight: 44g (including strap)
2. Surface treatment process: fine lines of plastic oil sand on the face shell + fine lines of oil sand on the plastic bottom shell + silicone strap
3. Motherboard: Nordic nRF52840 BLE 5.0 (256KB RAM, 1MB Flash)
4. CPU: nRF52840
5. RAM: 256KB; flash memory: 1MB, externally expanded 64Mb flash memory
6. Display screen: 1.3 storage TFT high-definition LCD; resolution: 240×240 pixels; 260,000 colors
7. Touch screen: 3D curved glass, integrated capacitive touch screen, toughened glass, anti-sweat treatment, precision full bonding process
8. Bluetooth: Ver4.2
9. Language: Support English/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Russian/Portuguese
10. Camera: not supported
11. Standby time (when connected with Bluetooth): more than 40 days; normal use time: more than 7-10 days
12. Motor, G-sensor, GPS, acceleration sensor: support
13. Speaker, microphone: not supported
14. Button: switch side button
15. Interface: magnetic charging
16. Reminder function: call reminder, notification reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm clock reminder, step count reminder, distance reached reminder, calorie reminder, low battery reminder, abnormal reminder, female health, heart rate reminder
17. Clock display: 3 local dials + one online dial
18. Pedometer: exercise step count, calorie consumption calculation, exercise mileage record
19. Sleep monitoring: sleep quality monitoring
20. Heart rate monitoring: 24 hours to detect heart rate
21. Sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, cricket, swimming, open swimming
22. Other functions: stopwatch; countdown; music control; brightness adjustment; raise the hand to brighten the screen; breathing training
23. Bluetooth push information (IOSAndroid): calendar notification, email notification, SMS, Facebook, WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp, Linkedin, lnstagram, Messenger, Line and other timely information
24. Push information method: SMS push, call push, time setting synchronization

Model R6
Central Processing Unit(CPU) nRF52840
Shell Material Plastic + Silicone
Sensor G-sensor
Bluetooth V4.2
Screen Size 1.3 inch
Screen Type TFT
Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Glass Tempered Glass
Battery Types Li-ion Battery
Battery Capacity 280mAh
Standby time More than 40 days
Dimensions & Weight
Size 44.3x56x12.8 mm
Weight 44g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.15lb
Qty per Carton 210
Carton Weight 13.60kgs / 29.98lb
Carton Size 47cm * 44cm * 42cm / 18.5inch * 17.32inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 307 cartons * 210 pcs = 64470 pcs
40HQ: 712 cartons * 210 pcs = 149520 pcs
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